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Dcoop S.Coop.And is a second degree cooperative, whose members are mostly cooperatives. Other members such as commercial companies are also welcomed according to their the legal and statutory guidelines. These Dcoop partners, in turn, are held by thousands of families of farmers and livestock, the true owners and the raison d’être of this cooperative venture.

As Dcoop covers several activities, they are organized into sections with independent Assets and Accounting. The members of each division bear both income and expenses. Currently there are six sections: Oil Section; Table Olives Section, Services and Supplies Section; Livestock Section; Cereals Section; and Credit Section, while the latter is not intended to farmers and livestock breeders, but to the partners themselves (cooperatives) of Dcoop.

Dcoop’s highest sovereign body is the General Meeting, where members are represented by votes according to the activity and volume that are associated with the group in each section. The General Meeting is competent on the approval of the Annual Financial Statements, the election of the Board of DirectorsMeeting and the structural changes in the business (mergers, large corporate investments, approval of internal regulations). It is held at least once a year.


Dcoop’s Board of Directors is composed of 19 to 23 members elected from the partners (cooperatives); the Board of Directors has representatives from all sections and is elected by the General Meeting for a four-year term; it is the highest decision-making body. However, the Section Meetings of each Section (which can, in turn, elect a Section Council) the real decision-making body of each activity, as they deal with the ordinary course of business, including decisions on market. Section Meetings are composed by all the members (cooperatives) associated to Dcoop in each activity. In practice, they are the General Meeting of each Section. They elect a representative (chairman) also for four years.

The Board of Directors elects the General Managing Director, chief executive of the cooperative upon which all departments and staff depend. Presently the group Dcoop employs about 500 people at its establishments.

Furthermore, Dcoop as a single company is a member and holds participation in several companies that help the development of its purpose: getting the highest return for its partners through the best marketing of their productions and cost reduction.

In short, Dcoop is a great agri-food cooperative, world leader in the olive sector and expanding in other activities. Its positioning is shown in “Dcoop in the world” section.

Elected at the General Meeting on June 18th 2014.


Antonio Luque Luque

(SCA Oleoalgaidas de Vva Algaidas, Málaga y SCA El Rocío de Dos Hermanas, Sevilla)


Cristóbal García Calleja

(SCA Bovinos del Sur, Cádiz; SCA Nuestra Señora del Rosario de Teba, Málaga; y SCA Nuestra Señora del Valle de Santaella, Córdoba);


Gregorio Núñez González

(SCA Templeoliva de Ventas de Huelma, Granada)


José Consuegra Melgarejo

(SCA La Unión de Úbeda, Jaén)


Ángel Villafranca Lara

(SAT Villalara y SCCM Nuestra Señora del Egido de La Puebla de Almoradiel, Toledo)


Juan Ramón Bernal López

(SCA Agraria Virgen de las Virtudes de Fuente de Piedra, Málaga)

TREASURER Francisco Terán Blanco

(SCA Agrícola Nuestra Madre del Sol de Adamuz, Córdoba)

VOCAL MEMBERS Miguel Luis Casero Izquierdo

(SCCM San Lorenzo de Alameda de Cervera, Ciudad Real)

Manuel Caro Ruiz

(SCA Olivarera La Purísima de Archidona, Málaga)

Francisco Sánchez Corado

(SCA Nuestra Señora de los Remedios de Antequera, Málaga)

Isidoro Serrano González

(SCA Olivarera Virgen del Campo de Cañete de las Torres, Córdoba)

Antonio Hita Hita

(SCA Varaila de Domingo Pérez, Granada)

Juan Manuel Blázquez de Lora

(SCA El Rocío de Dos Hermanas, Sevilla)

Cristóbal García López

(SCA San Rogelio de Íllora, Granada)

Francisco de Mora Pérez

(SCA Olivarera de Lucena, Córdoba)

José Manuel Espejo Cárdenas

(SCA Domingo Solís de Martos, Jaén)

Raquel Santiago Moya

(SCA Nuestra Señora de los Remedios de Noguerones, Jaén)

Fernando Pliego Mercado

(SCA Nuestra Señora del Collado de Santisteban del Puerto, Jaén)

Salvador Lovera Valls

(SCA Nuestra Padre Jesús de La Rambla, Córdoba)

José Rodríguez Román

(SCA Nuestra Señora del Rosario de El Saucejo, Sevilla)

Fernando Sánchez Sánchez de la Fuente

(SCA Campoagro de Ventorros de la Laguna, Granada)

José Muñoz Carreira

(SCA Oleoalgaidas de Villanueva de Algaidas, Málaga)

Composed by all members of the section in order to deal with their specific issues. In some cases they may choose a Board of Section Managers to be represented by or set different sections according to the business area.

These were the companies holded by Dcoop on August 31st 2015

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Find below detailed comparative tables of agrifood cooperatives, figures about great world retail and Dcoop relations with another coops.

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