Mission, values ​​and vision


Viña, vibro y cabra florida

What moves Dcoop S.Coop.And. is:

One mission: the undertaking object of our cooperative company is working to achieve the highest possible return for our farmers and livestock breeders through the best possible marketing of their products and cost reductions.

A vision: to become a large agri-food cooperative, solid, viable, ambitious, sustainable, able to offer to our customers our own quality productions, responding to the current challenges of the market for our farmers and livestock breeders.

Values: Dcoop must remain a cooperative company.


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  • Consumers are our responsibility, and to meet their food needs we offer safe and high quality products, supported by our own production and traceability, all from a good service.
  • Designed to improve the integration of the largest number of farmers, livestock breeders and cooperatives, we press on with the integration and a high market concentration in sectors where we operate, all in order to ensure the better opportunities in markets that we aim to lead.
  • Sustainable and reinforced as the spine of all areas in which we operate to become a long-term enterprise: economically well-established and viable, environmentally responsible and socially active, and governed by the cooperative principles of solidarity, effort and democracy.
  • Transparent, participatory and open to all, to bring together a common project, where everybody’s contributions are valuable regardless of their origin or ideology. A versatile and flexible company that reaches agreements and business partnerships with other companies for the benefit of all.
  • We seek to create wealth and employment where we operate. Always looking for an added value which supports our partners and provides feedback throughout the chain. Within our possibilities, we invest in products promotion, research, development and innovation of new products, enhancing quality as our distinguishing feature.
  • We enhance the use of endogenous resources, not relocating our activity but acting as major spine of the territories. We are entrepreneur in our land as well as searchers of new business oportunities abroad.
  • We are competitive in order to respond to market challenges, exigent to be able to offer the consumers what they are looking for and serve to distribution in their needs. For this, a qualified, trained and professional human resources are needed.
  • Multisectoral, to accommodate all the productions of the farmers and livestock breeders from the territories where we operate, on the consolidated structure of a world leader.
  • We are leader in strategic sectors such as olive oil, wine or table olives, to which other activities can be added to improve the benefits of farmers and livestock breeders while enabling us to make further progress in agro-industrial processes.
  • Solidary, as solidarity is a basic principle of social economy enterprises, where cooperation becomes a purpose. For this, we foster a collective spirit of common interest.