The Dcoop Group



The food group Dcoop is a large, second-degree cooperative, as its partners are companies and not individuals. Most of them are cooperatives whose owners are more than 75,000 farmers in  Spain.

  • The sections or activities of this cooperative are currently the following:
  • Olive oil: a hundred of partners with own mills produce over 200,000 tonnes of olive oil average crop per year, which led the cooperative become a world leader; some years even ahead of other producing countries such as Tunisia, Syria or Turkey, on a par with Greece.
  • Table olives: 25 associated companies are engaged in producing table olives with a production quota of 86,200 tonnes. Many olive varieties are grown, mainly hojiblanca and manzanilla, aloreña and gordal, too.
  • Wine: 16 cooperatives which own wineries with an average production of more than 170.000.000 liters of wine per year: white and red, many varieties, and with Protected Designation of Origin (Mancha, Rioja, Jerez-Xéres-Sherry, Valdepeñas, Manchuela y Ribera del Júcar). They work in one of the main wine regions in the world: La Mancha.
  • Livestock: currently more than 12 associated cooperatives are joined for the marketing of livestock (12.500 tons of white pigs per year, as well as cattle (1.150 tons, Iberian pigs,); 35.000.000 liters of goat milk; providing animal health supplies and purchasing raw materials for the manufacture of cattle fodder. This section is moving ahead to transform the value chain activities.
  • Arable: about fifteen incorporated cooperatives are in charge of the joint marketing of arable crops (cereals, oilseeds, legumes and other grains).
  • Nuts: established en 2017 by seven joined companies in order to trade together their own crops, almonds mainly.
  • Services and supplies: over a hundred member cooperatives provide farmers with a variety of services: plant health products, fertilizers, fuels, farm advisory, repair of olive-processing machinery, supply of spare parts, shops, electric power, telephone, travel, insurance … anything that helps to reduce production costs.

The Hojiblanca Group started its activity as olive grower; Dcoop, as its heir, is currently the world largest producer of olive oil and table olives with 400,000 hectares of olive groves and 50 million olive trees. Due to the merge with Baco, we are a leader company in wine too with 10.000 winegrowers and 36.000 hectares. This activity was complemented by others such as providing supplies and services, farming, nuts and cereals. This way, as unity is strength, a single company is able to meet consumer needs while achieving the best possible return for its thousands of associated families.

With an annual turnover over one billion euro, and in continuous growth, Dcoop is the first agri-food cooperative in southern Europe.

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IA2016 Anexos Top 20 avance datos 2015The farmers carry their crops, livestock and products to Dcoop group numerous facilities (olive oil mills, wineries, table olives and meat processing industries), in ordert to be marketed bulk or once processed. The group owns several packaging plants for olive oil, wine and table olives, and also holds participation as owner in numerous other companies providing industrial and commercial services, such as processed meat, sauces, refined vegetable oils and wines. Dcoop has a major export activity and has its own sales branch offices in the United States and China.

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The Dcoop Group operates in southern Spain mainly , but reaches across the globe, since it exports its products to a hundred countries. Currently the group is composed of several industrial centres (totally or partially owned) in: Alcazar de San Juan (province of Ciudad Real);  Villarrubia, Cordova, Alcolea and Monturque (Cordova); Jaen and Guarroman (Jaen); Santa Fe (Granada); Dos Hermanas and El Saucejo (Seville); and Antequera, Archidona, Malaga, Mollina and Campillos (Malaga).

Our farmers and cooperative partners are spread all over Andalusia, Castile-La Mancha, Basque Country and Extremadura.