Welcome from the President



Welcome to the website of Dcoop, a large agrifood cooperative that gathers thousands of farmers who work together to offer their products directly from their crops, to serve items with quality assurance and traceability, and to have better opportunities in the market .

Dcoop is the world’s largest olive oil producer and is also a leader in wines, in addition to operating in the sectors of supplies, livestock, almonds and grains.

Recently, we have achieved recognition as a priority associative entity and we remain committed to bringing together the efforts of all to obtain greater profitability for our partners through the best possible marketing of their productos and a reduction in production costs.

As a result of the join of tens of Spanish cooperatives, we are open to merge other partners and to walk towards the future with the hope to continue offering our home grown quality products directly to consumers and generating wealth and economic activity in our lands.

I hope that by browsing our website, you can learn more about our work, and get an insight of the culture of oil, olive or livestock, of which we are indeed heirs and supporters. Learn about our products and our facilities, approach to a rural community that generates wealth and economic activity in the regions where it operates.

However, if you may have any doubts or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards

Antonio Luque Luque