Carpe Diem Málaga Añejo and Montespejo Tinto Roble strike Gold Medals 2014 in Lyon


16 Jul. 2014


They have been selected from almost 3,700 samples from 22 countries..

The Carpe Diem Málaga Añejo and Montespejo Tinto Roble wines, both from the Tierras de Mollina wineries, produced by Cooperativa Virgen de la Oliva de Mollina and belonging to Dcoop Group, won the gold medal at the Concours International de Lyon 2014, an international wine competition held on April 5 at the Cité Internationale of Lyon.

Lyon, famous for being the capital of Gastronomy, welcomes a selection of the world’s best wines. The contest stirred up an undeniable enthusiasm, with 3,685 samples tasted and 22 countries represented. The wines from the Tierras de Mollina that won a prize are:


Carpe Diem Málaga Añejo:


Pedro Jiménez is the grape variety used to elaborate this wine, from “mosto flor” (flower must), decanted naturally at low temperatures and fermented in stainless steel tanks under temperature-controlled conditions. The ageing process takes place in our wine-ageing caves in Málaga into 550 litre American oak barrels for 3 years (minimum time established by the Regulatory Council of the Designation of Origin Málaga, although our wines are kept longer in our caves).

Tasting notes:

A dense, dark and sweet wine with iodine tinged edges. Dominant aromas of coffee, cocoa, stewed fruit and citrus. It reflects its varietal character through a deep permanence of raisin flavour. In glass there is variation and evolution as the wine aerates. Complex and intense.

On palate it is a direct wine, with a slightly balsamic taste. This taste reaches the retro nasal and provide similar olfactory sensations as by nose. Silky and not sickly at all. It leaves a long and pleasant aftertaste.


Very suitable as a dessert wine, should also accompany “migas”, cheese, citrus fruits and compotes as “dulce de membrillo” (quince jelly).

Best served at 4-17ºC


Montespejo Tinto Roble:


Made from the highest vineyards selected grapes of the varieties Syrah (85%) and Merlot (15%). Grapes are destemmed and pressed at low speed in order to preserve them. Pre-fermentative cold maceration at very low temperatures is performed. Then, the fermentation process at 18ºC is iniciated and the temperature is controlled so that it doesn’t rise over 30ºC . After this fermentation the wine is transferred with its fine lees straight into the barrels where it undergoes malolactic fermentation. The aging process takes 4 to 6 months (depending on the vintage) in bordalese barrels of French and American oak.

Tasting notes:

Ruby red colour with cardinal iridescence, a dense wine with thick legs.

Intense, very clean and direct in nose. A variety of aromas in constant evolution and variation. A slightly balsamic taste, not too intense for nose provides aromas of three aromatic origins, coffee, cedar, cocoa, raspberry, blackberry, ink, white pepper, pink pepper, rosemary … Complex, clean and intense. A real treat for the nose.

Wide and fat in mouth, textured velvet, a balanced and well-integrated tannin, decorated with the profile of nasal aromas. Long and bright finish.


Perfect wine to accompany Spanish stews such as “callos”, lentils, soups as well as roasts, steaks and sausages. Highly reccommended with pâtés.

Best served at around 17ºC.