Dcoop and Pompeian to lead the Olive Oil World Market


2 Nov. 2015

Washington (USA). November 2nd 2015

 Dcoop Group and Pompeian Group have signed an agreement to become a worldwide olive oil leader. The Alliance will pursue all olive oil markets in an effort to become the supplier of choice. The agreement has been presented in the Spanish Embassy in Washington. DC. by First Dcoop Vice President, Francisco de Mora and Board Member of Pompeian Group, Sylvain Devico.

This Alliance is open to future growth in order to strengthen their leadership. The alliance will involve all of the links of the chain, which will be based on quality and olive oil benefits as well as traceability and total food safety. The agreement beginning with the World´s Largest Olive Oil producer combined with the Industry leader with the size and capacity to access all markets will provide the consumer with the proprietary and other brands required in the market place.


Dcoop, through its subsidiary Mercaoleo and the Pompeian Olive Oil Group of companies in the US will exchange company shares.

Dcoop provides its strong Olive Oil production capacity as the World´s largest producer, while Pompeian contributes its great sales and packing strength as much as bulk as finished product in many different countries. In the United States of America, Pompeian Brand a Market Leader on the Extra Virgin Olive Oil segment where their market share is 13.6% as per Nielsen data. Furthermore, Pompeian is the largest Olive Oil Importer with 46.000tons per year. Finally, Pompeian has been the first approved Olive Oil by the USDA, which certifies the quality of the Oil through their USDA Quality Monitored Seal.

 About Pompeian Group

Baltimore based since 1906, Pompeian is America’s largest national brand of olive oil, best-selling wine vinegars and a variety of cooking wines. In addition, Pompeian is the first brand to carry the USDA Quality Monitored seal on its extra virgin olive oil. Pompeian owns two State of Art facilities, one in Baltimore (Maryland) and one in Montebello (California).

 About Dcoop Group

The food group Dcoop is a large, second-degree cooperative, as its partners are companies and not individuals. Most of them are cooperatives whose owners are more than 75,000 farmers and stockbreeder in southern Spain. Olive Oil, Olives, Goat Milk, Wheat, Livestock, supplies and services are divisions which DCOOP devotes its activities. Dcoop is the world’s largest olive oil producer with average crops of 250,000 tons. Its revenue will achieve 900 million € this year. All product sold by DCOOP is produced by their members farmers. Dcoop has subsidiaries as Mercaoleo and Qorteba and commercial offices in China and USA.

More Info:

Dcoop: Esteban M Carneros +34 657816097 esteban.carneros@dcoop.es

Esther Ontiveros +34 677 110 744 esther.ontiveros@dcoop.es


From left to right: David Bensadoun , counselor – Pompeian delegate , Francisco de Mora , vice president of Dcoop , Mardoche Devic , Minister of Pompeian, and Antonio Luque , CEO of Dcoop during the presentation of the alliance between the two companies in the Spanish Embassy in Washington