Dcoop launches its new Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the Spanish retail market


26 Jan. 2016

Antequera.- The cooperative Dcoop, largest olive oil producer, launches its new Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the Spanish retail market. This initiative contributes to the agreement with Pompeian and the bottling business of current brands of Dcoop group, especially for export markets; and it is part of the strategic project to commercialize 150.000 mt. on the medium term. With wide experience in the olive oil category, in branded and private label, Dcoop group aims to achieve a relevant position in the Extra Virgin olive oil segment.

The Extra Virgin olive oil Dcoop is produced by 75.000 families of farmers, under a total control of the supply chain from the tree to the bottle. It is the same oil that Dcoop farmers produce and consume that now they make it available for Spanish consumers.

The new Extra Virgin Olive Oil Dcoop will be initially commercialized in Carrefour establishments, with an exclusive bottle of 1 liter and a brand new image in the category; in a second stage it is foreseen to increase the range of formats and the distribution network.

 Dcoop moves forward in the value chain of their productions to improve the commercialization and get the best value for its families of farmers. At present commercializes in Spanish retail extra virgin olive oil bottled, table olives and sauces with brands from the group, as the well-known Musa brand; and new products coming soon.

About Dcoop

It is the largest agrifood multisectorial cooperative of Spain with a turnover of 750million eur and expects more than 1000million eur  in the short term. The group leads its segment, it has industrial assets all over Andalusia, Extremadura, Basque Country  and Castille-La Mancha, with more than 75.000 farmers associated in more than 150 cooperatives. It is the largest olive oil producer, olive oil and table olives, commercialises wine and also goat milk, meat and cereals.

‎Inspired by the northern european countries, the group will continue its expansion to better face market challenges. 

More information: 

Esteban M Carneros 657816097 esteban.carneros@dcoop.es