Rafael Sánchez de Puerta, Dcoop’s Deputy Director


16 Jul. 2014

Joining the company from May 2

Rafael Sánchez de Puerta Díaz will join Dcoop as Deputy Director from May 2. He will provide essential support to the strategic plans for the development of the company, which aspires to become a major European food cooperative, a world leader in the olive sector.

Farmer and Agricultural Engineer from the Technical School of Agricultural Engineers of the University of Córdoba, the career of Rafael Sánchez de Puerta has been largely linked to agricultural cooperatives sector, being Managing Director of the Andalusian Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Companies (FAECA), since its establishment in 1995.

In the olive sector, Rafael has held the following positions:

  • Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Olive Oil and Olives in the European Union.
  • Chairman of the Sector Council of Olive Oil from Agri-food Cooperatives in Spain.
  • Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Inter-branch Organization of Spanish Olive Oil.
  • 1st Vice President of the Olive Communal Heritage Foundation.
  • Vice President of CITOLIVA.
  • Member of the Advisory Committee of the International Olive Council (IOC).
  • President of CECASA, the Spanish Oil Marketing Company.