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The Livestock Section of Dcoop is the first Andalusian cooperative for animal feed, both for its production, marketing and client service potential, and for the commitment on research, development and marketing of products with the highest levels of security, traceability and quality.

Its origin dates back to 1995, when SCA Agropecuaria del Sur was created. Its merging with Hojiblanca S.Coop.And in 2011 resulted in the Dcoop’s Livestock Section. In 2014, the goat milk cooperative Procasur merged Dcoop and the result is a national leader in this product. Its area of operation comprises southern Spain, leading the market of cattle fodder, various types of livestock (originally white pigs, but now cattle and goat milk) and animal health.

This Section benefits from the knowledge and experience of each of the companies composing the Dcoop, the largest food company in Andalusia, for their animal feed products, and for their livestock breeding and marketing.

  • Dcoop Livestock Section aims for:
  • Marketing of cattle raised by its partners in all sections, to achieve the best added value. It makets over 200,000 white pigs, but also progresses in beef cattle,  Iberian and small ruminants. Dcoop is a leader in goat milk productionIA14.Producción de leche de cabra por cooperativas
  • The joint acquisition of livestock inputs and animal health products to be offered to farmers at the lowest cost.
  • The joint acquisition of raw materials for its partners’ cattle feed factories (220,000 tonnes per year).

To better deal with these tasks, the Livestock Section is organized into independent divisions to which the different associates belong.