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Dcoop is the world’s largest producer of olive oil, with average production of 220,000 tonnes of olive oil per campaign.

Gráfico producción mundial de aceite en inglés.

This Section is in charge of the distribution of the virgin olive oil produced by our partners. The olive growers deliver the fruits to our different mills and the Group is responsible for their commercial sale, in bulk or packaged.

Currently, the section is composed of 110 associated cooperatives comprising the production of 75,000 families of farmers who grow about 50 million trees on 400,000 hectares of olive groves in Andalusia, Castile-La Mancha (Ciudad Real and Toledo) and Extremadura (Badajoz). There are 25 associates in Córdoba, 25 in Málaga, 20 in Jaen, 19 in Granada, 13 in Seville, 5 in Castile-La Mancha (1 of them is the Montes Norte Group, with a dozen mills), 2 in Cádiz and 1 in Badajoz.

The dominant olive variety is the Picual (mainly in Jaén, Córdoba and Granada), followed by the Hojiblanca (Málaga, Córdoba, Seville and Granada). Other varieties such as Cornicabra, Manzanilla, Verdiales, Lechines or Arbequina are also grown. This wide diversity makes Dcoop be the only operator that is able to offer every single type of oil required by the client.

The olive-growing is intended to adapt the resources, such as phytosanitary treatments or ecologic olive groves, in order to achieve the aims of the cooperative respecting the environment and reducing costs. A reliable Farming and Technical Department is the key to this, as our professional team of Agronomical Technicians provide free advisory service to the olive farmers. A strict quality control is implemented from the time the fruits are on the tree to their storing and packaging after harvest.

In Dcoop we have own brands to market our extra virgin olive oils: Dcoop, Cordoliva, Tierras Altas, Acorsa, Unioliva, Torcaoliva… This brands can mainly be purchased in our cooperatives, in Dcoop stores, in large local retailers and also in export markets, as most of these oils are sold packaged. To do so, we rely on our (totally or partially owned) facilities in Villarrubia and Alcolea (Córdoba), Antequera (Málaga), Santa Fe (Granada) and Guarromán (Jaén). 

Apart from these own brands, Dcoop holds a 50% participation along with Cargill (worldwide operator in vegetable oils) in the joint venture Mercaoleo, which has a packaging plant in Antequera to efficiently sell oil to distribution chains.

Finally, Dcoop shares Qorteba, in Alcolea (Córdoba) in which facility there are big stores and a refinery for olive oils.