General information



The purpose of this section is to reduce costs to our farmers and stockbreeders, as reflected below:

  • REDUCE production costs.
  • Ensure the HIGHEST QUATILY in our products.
  • Provide a service to ALL our associates.
  • Cover ALL the needs of our farmers associates.
  • Achieve greater LOYALTY.

In the past seven years, the section has quadrupled its turnover. In this sense, the General Meeting of this Section has promoted several issues to consolidate the future work of the section:

  • Elaboration of Internal Rules of Procedure, where the relationship between the Section and its member cooperatives is regulated and their rights and obligations established. In this document a number of conditions are set to grant the loyalty of associates in the various divisions of the Section.
  • Establishment of working groups divided in categories by product and service, due to the wide range covered by the section. This working groups are composed of the most representative cooperatives in terms of volume and fidelity. At these meetings improvements for marketing products are proposed. Also, proposals for improving the Internal Rules of Procedure are made for further discussion at the Partners’ General Meeting.
  • Promotion of the involvement of the cooperatives’ purchasing, warehouse and retail managers.
  • Measuring the cooperatives satisfaction concerning each of the services and supplies provided.