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Dcoop is the world’s largest producer of table olives, with a production quota of over 86,000 tonnes. Most of this production is packaged and exported , thus making Dcoop world’s leading operator in the sector.

Gráfico producción mundial de aceituna de mesa en inglés

Harvesting of table olives (known as “verdeo”) starts at the end of September and lasts until October. The farmers deliver their fruits into our oil facilities where they are processed in one of this elaboration methods: acidulated water for “black ripe olives” or “Seville style” cooking. Associated cooperatives can process olives in their own facilities or in those provided by the Group.

There are two large industrial plants for elaborating table olives, one of them in Monturque (Córdoba) and another one in Dos Hermanas (Seville).


Since the establishment of this Section, there has been a substantial growth in the joint sales volume, in the turnover and in the packaging, which makes Dcoop a leading operator in the sector.


Hojiblanca is the dominant variety used in Dcoop for our table olives (mostly grown in central Andalusia), but other varieties are also produced, such as Manzanilla Sevillana, Aloreña, Gordal or others, always seeking to satisfy our clients. They are prepared in very different ways: black, green, whole, stoned (pitted), stuffed (with suitable products as anchovy, pepper …), split, sliced…

Currently, this Section is composed of 23 associated partners and two collaborating member. By provinces, 10 of them are located in Córdoba, 11 in Málaga and 4 in Seville. Our 2013/14 crop was:

IA14.Producción aceitunera 2014-15